From 0 to 100k During a Pandemic With Google Shopping


This plastics and home goods company carved out a niche manufacturing high quality, American-made products for Walmart and Amazon. Wanting a piece of the eCommerce pie, they set up a website and began driving traffic with Google Shopping last year.

The Ask

Besides some tracking hiccups to resolve, the main issue was a few thousand had been spent in Google Shopping with negative results. The first goal was to set up and optimize Google Shopping and Microsoft Shopping campaigns. The second goal was to maintain a competitive presence in the search engine results page for their best selling products.

The Solution

After identifying the top products, a three-tiered shopping campaign strategy was launched. Search terms with a 2% or better conversion rate were isolated in their own campaign with aggressive bids. Any search terms and products they wanted in the SERPs were also added to this campaign. This strategy is sometimes called ISO or query-level bidding.

Google Shopping – Each campaign was broken out by product type and separate bids applied at the product level. Every product in their catalog was tested, along with device, location, and audience bid adjustments. The results were 4.8 ROAS and gross sales from Google Shopping reaching 100k within 90 days of launching ads.

Microsoft Shopping – Our Microsoft ads strategy was a mirror of Google Ads. Although traffic is significantly lower than Google, this channel added an additional 30 – 35 sales per month.

The Result

Between March 1st – May 31st, we achieved $100,071 in gross revenue from PPC ads.

Unfortunately, we did not anticipate the demand COVID-19 would put on their supply chain and we were forced to pause ads several times in April and May. Despite this, we had a successful spring and sold through almost all available inventory.

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