Smart Shopping + DPAs Drove 58% Increase in PPC Revenue


This boat parts and accessories company had some unique challenges to overcome. Their main struggle was their low product price point and subsequent low average order value. Their goal was to scale their Google Ads account and expand into other marketing channels.

The Ask

While Google Shopping was driving sales, revenue tracking and Google Analytics were not set up correctly. We needed to fix tracking and calculate our true ROAS and CPA. Then we needed to scale by expanding into Microsoft Ads and supporting this strategy with Facebook DPAs. Doing this with a small budget, lean margins, and a minimal marketing retainer was not an easy task. Our goal was to hit 3:1 account ROAS.

The Solution

After running manual shopping ads for a few months and gathering data, we made the switch to smart shopping. Smart shopping freed up more time to scale the account and was the best way to deal with the low priced products and the winter off-season. Since Microsoft does not have a smart campaign option, we stuck with regular shopping ads with bids broken out by product type. Finally, Facebook and Instagram DPAs were added for cart abandoners.

Google Ads – More expensive products had their own smart shopping campaign with individual ROAS goals. Search ads targeting specific high converting long tail keywords were added to increase overall traffic and conversions. The results were 6.5:1 ROAS for Google Ads and a 29% increase in revenue year over year.

Microsoft Ads – Our Microsoft ads strategy was a basic mirror of Google Ads. By adding Microsoft shopping ads, we added over $30,000 in gross revenue in the past year while maintaining 3:1 average ROAS.

Facebook and Instagram – The strategy was to add product view and cart abandonment DPAs, excluding recent converters. With the addition of a cost cap on cold traffic campaigns, Facebook ads went from .05:1 ROAS to 3:1 ROAS and revenue increased over 20x.

The Result

Over the past year, we have consistently increased revenue, increased conversion rate, and improved ROAS.

  • Cost

  • Annual Revenue From PPC


Increase In PPC Revenue


Account ROAS


Increase eCommerce Conversion Rate


Increase in Google Ads Revenue