7 Ways to Increase Sales After Black Friday

7 Ways to Increase Sales After Black Friday

The week after Black Friday, you’ll hear some variation of the same complaint across the eCommerce world: “My sales have dropped off a cliff!”

December is notoriously slow right after Black Friday for almost everyone. If you have a direct response product, you can probably skip this post. But for the rest of us, these tried and true methods will keep your conversions coming all the way through December.

1) 12 days of Christmas through text or messenger bot

The #1 way to ruin your email deliverability is to send 12 emails in a row right after Black Friday. But luckily, if you build up a decent messenger list and/or text message list you can use that list to boost holiday sales for free. The easiest way to do this is to get customers to opt-in post-purchase, during the nurturing stage in exchange for a discount code, or during a giveaway as an extra way to earn points.

For your sale, pick a different product or bundle to offer per day that starts December 1st and ends on December 12th. Share via text/messenger as well as organically on Facebook and Instagram, and make a separate story post as well for each day/deal. Make sure to announce it’s coming in your last email in November and use a flash sale or announcement banner at the top of your site to display the deal of the day.

2) Concentrate on the shipping cut-off date with creative, make it VERY clear in all ad creative that your product will arrive before Christmas. You’d be surprised how many businesses don’t do this! Even on direct response products, one of the biggest buyer fears with purchasing online is the product won’t arrive on time.

3) Offer gift-wrapping. Even if it doesn’t fit in traditional gift wrapping, or you want to add some novelty and send the product in a stocking, this is an easy way to differentiate yourself from the competition especially for last-minute gift-givers who traditionally shop in-store.

4) Offer free shipping and returns. If possible, offer a bundle to increase the average order value so this is worth your while. Free shipping and returns is especially valuable on high ticket items but it’s being offered a lot more for mid-priced apparel like specialized bras, cosmetics, and food items.

5) 2-day free shipping flash sale right before the holiday shipping cut off. You’ll see a nice bump from those last-minute holiday shoppers! If margins allow, do gift wrapping AND free returns.

6) Corporate gifting. Use it in your language, use it in your advertising targeting. People definitely look for corporate gifts, gifts for their boss, and secret santa/white elephant gifts on Facebook and Google. This works great for products with personalization options!

7) Plan and ramp-up ads for a post-Christmas campaign to sweep out old inventory and make way for the new. This might be the least profitable sale but it will increase cash-flow during a time of year that you will really need it.

Let me know if these tips work for you, or if you have any to add to the list.

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